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Living Garden Essence Wizard

Load recipe:

Essence Rank You have You want # to craft End result
Aleth(perform in ↓ order)
  0 0  
Equiv in Aleth Essence # Prisms needed

How to use

  • Enter the essences you own into the You have column.
  • Enter the essences you want into the You want column, or load a recipe using the Load Recipe dropbox.
  • Click the Craft button.
  • The Essence Wizard will attempt to find a crafting path for you. If it is successful, simply craft the essences in the # to craft column, in order, to get your essences.
  • Note that smashing higher-ranked essences into Aleth Essences is not currently supported by the Essence Wizard.
  • If the Essence Wizard can't find a solution, it will attempt to find a partial solution. It will prioritize lower-ranked essences.
  • # Prisms needed indicates the number of Essence Prisms you need to complete the crafting.
  • The End result column displays the essences you'll end up with.

Additional features

  • Equiv in Aleth Essence indicates the number of Aleth Essences that the essences you've entered into the columns are "worth".
  • The Maximize button will ignore the You want column, and simply try to upgrade as many essences as possible. I don't recommend you actually craft this, but it's useful as a gauge of your progress.

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