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Appendix: Gold and Super Brie


  • As you progress through Gnawnia, one may often find themself short on gold. Hunting is the normal way to earn gold, but it can also be slow. There are several other ways to earn gold if you're looking to speed the process up a bit.
  • One good way to earn gold, if you have some real money to spare, is to donate to the developers of MouseHunt, using the Donate button. You will get a special kind of cheese called Super Brie. This cheese is very valuable and can be often sold for several thousand (as of this time of writing) per piece from the interface at Shops → Marketplace.
  • There are certain groups of kind MouseHunters, who are willing to help new players out, with competitions, trap funding programs, or advice programs. A list can be found in the Links section of this guide.
  • Individual MouseHunters also run competitions with gold and Super Brie prizes; these can be found in the Events and Competitions section of the MouseHunt forums. Go ahead and try your luck. Just beware of those with entry fees; some of those may be run by scammers.
  • Just be sure not to beg or demand gold or Super Brie; it is considered rude. A little politeness, respect, and willingness to learn will go a long way when dealing with other MouseHunters.
  • These locations are known to be the best locations for earning gold overall:
    • Mousoleum — for Masters and Grandmasters.
    • Catacombs — for Legendaries who haven't gotten to the Tribal Isles; good point return and level advancement
    • Derr Dunes — once the Tribal Isles are unlocked. Pro: you don't have to hunt for potions, con: low point return and level advancement.
    • Muridae Market — For Barons/Baronesses; less gold than Derr Dunes, but a lot more points and level advancement. Additionally, "redboxes" are a lot less frequent.
  • Another method of earning gold is the strategy known as the "Furoma Cycle".
    • A strong Tactical trap is recommended (Horrific Venus Mouse Trap or better).
    • First, collect lots of Tokens from the Students in the Dojo. Alternatively, if you have King's Credits to spare (King's Credits are given during special events and through your daily loyalty chests. Check your special inventory), you may redeem some tokens from the King's Arms general store.
    • Then, craft Combat, Glutter, and Susheese, and catch the Masters in the Meditation Room for the shards.
    • The idea is to then craft Rumble cheese and collect as many Onyx Stones as possible from the Masters of the Dojo.
    • Using the Onyx Stones, craft Unstable Curds using the recipe:
      • 1 Onyx Stone + 1 Ionized Salt + 1 Curds and Whey = 1 Unstable Curd
    • "Poke" them from the Special inventory to see what you get. You will likely get many different kinds of cheese, including Onyx Gorgonzola, Rumble, Combat, Glutter, and Susheese.
    • Use the Onyx Gorgonzola to catch Dojo Sensei, the Rumble to catch more Masters of the Dojo, and the Combat, Glutter, and Susheese to get more Shards to craft Rumble with.
    • Craft more Unstable Curds, and continue the cycle. The point is to catch as many of the high-earning Masters of the Dojo and Dojo Sensei as possible before you run out of supplies.
    • If you have any Wealth Charms, you may equip them while you're in the Pinnacle Chamber.

Super Brie

  • Super Brie is a special cheese in MouseHunt, with several unique properties.
    • It is advertised as being the cheese with the highest attraction rate in most locations (i.e. locations that don't require crafted or converted cheese). This is true, but probably the least useful purpose of Super Brie, except in tournaments and a few late game locations where failure to attract has an additional negative effect.
    • There are particular rare mice (Black Widow, Nibbler, Worker, Cook, among others) that are more attracted to Super Brie, which is helpful for hunters looking to complete their mouse collections. Just be aware that it can be pricey endeavor.
    • Potions are typically more effective on Super Brie than regular Brie, converting more pieces per potion. This can save you time hunting for potions at such locations as the Laboratory and the Great Gnarled Tree.
    • It can be smashed with the Hunter's Hammer (available at Inventory → Crafting), to produce Magic Essence. This are used in several recipes:
      • Moon cheese, used for attracting the elusive Lycan Mouse.
      • Maki cheese, used to increase the attraction rate for Students in Furoma.
      • Magic Essence can also be added to the recipes for various crafted cheese to increase the number of pieces made, to minimize the use of scarce crafting ingredients.
      • Three units of Magic Essence are also needed to craft a powerful trap weapon, the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery.
      • If you had accidentally smashed your Super Brie, you can reconstruct it by crafting the Magic Essence with 1 Curds and Whey and 1 Salt.
  • There are several ways of obtaining it:
    • Donating (using the Donate button) real money to the developers of MouseHunt. Donating also grants you temporary use of the Lucky Golden Shield, which boosts your trap Luck by 7. It also allows you to change your profile theme to a special "Golden Shield" theme (to do that, go to your profile by clicking on your shield, then use "Select Theme").
    • Buying Super Brie from other players using gold. To do that, go to Shops → Marketplace. Keep in mind this can be an expensive option, as Super Brie is highly sought after, and can go for several thousand gold a piece.
    • Super Brie is often given as loot drops or as rewards for completing objectives during special events.
    • 3 pieces of Super Brie are found in the Day 5 Loyalty Chest (awarded and automatically opened for logging on 5 days in a row)
    • A Super Brie Supply Pack can be bought from the King's Arms General Store for 30 King's Credits (King's Credits are prize tokens given in Loyalty Chests and special events). This yields 10 pieces of Super Brie, and grants you the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 days.

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