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Chapter 2: Harbour

  • Once you've reached Initiate, it's time to move to the Harbour. Arm your Mouse Trebuchet, Fan Base, and Marble cheese.
  • Note that mice can steal gold, extra pieces of cheese, and points ("crippling your courage"), in the Harbour and most subsequent areas. Do not be overwhelmed by this; your trap is strong enough.
  • Hunt in the Harbour until you can afford the Swiss Army Mouse Trap (70,300 gold) from the Town of Gnawnia trapsmith.
    • Using the Travel Planner can help save costs.
    • If you have the Mouse Rocketine, do not refund it.
  • Once you have the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, upgrade to Swiss cheese and continue hunting in the Harbour.
  • Catch a Granite Mouse with a Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece (note that not all granite mice will drop a map).
  • Continue hunting until you reach Journeyman.
  • Before leaving the Harbour, buy the following from the General Store:
    • 1 Dehydration Base Blueprints
    • 213 Salt
  • If you can't afford these, don't worry; you can come back for them later.

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