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Chapter 12: Town of Digby Revisited

  • Note: This chapter is optional and currently is not a requirement for any other areas. Don't stress if you don't seem to have much success here; you may come back when you have stronger traps.
  • Travel back to the Town of Digby.
  • Wait, what about the Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm? It is recommended you skip them for now, as you do not have the trap needed to catch the Acolyte mouse yet.
  • Now it's time to use the Radioactive Sludge you stocked up. Use this recipe to create Limelight cheese (makes 3 pieces):
    • 3 Living Shards (available at the Digby general store)
    • 3 Radioactive Sludge
    • 30 Curds & Whey
  • You can also add 6 Magic Essence to the recipe to make 3 more pieces.
  • Try not to use up all your Radioactive Sludge; you'll need 20 later. If you do use it up though, no matter; it is pretty easy (though slightly boring) to make again when it's needed.
  • Arm your ACRONYM and your Dehydration Base with the Limelight cheese.
    • If you're coming here from a later location, note that Physical, Tactical, Arcane, and Shadow traps are all effective against these mice; use the strongest you have of these.
  • You'll get some interesting underground-themed mice, from the Digby Dirt Dwellers group. The good news is that, formidable-looking as some of them are, they cannot steal your gold or points, as Digby is a "safe zone" like the Town of Gnawnia.
  • Your goal is the Big Bad Burroughs mouse. He drops the Monolith Base, which has 300 base power and 12% power bonus, thus effectively obsoleting your Explosive Base. In fact, you can try it out as soon as you get it. He's quite a tough mouse though, so good luck!
  • Another nice mouse is the Nugget mouse; it's rather weak, but rare, so good luck catching one!
  • He may drop the Digby Drillbot Parts. If you get that, congratulations! You've got a 404,340-gold trap for free - just craft the parts alone to get the Digby Drillbot! For now the ACRONYM is superior, but you'll be needing it soon enough, so keep it.
  • The mice also may drop more Living Shards. Sell any unused Living Shards before leaving; they sell at the same price that you bought them with, so you don't have to worry about needing more later.

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