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Chapter 17: Dracano

  • You'll never guess what you'll need next. It's none other than the High Tension Spring trap. If you don't already have it, you need to go back to the Town of Gnawnia to get it.
  • Smash the High Tension Spring trap to get High Tension Spring Parts.
  • Once you've done that, you can make a new trap, the Ice Maiden:
    • 1 Frozen Scroll + 60 Runes + 1 High Tension Spring Parts = Ice Maiden
    • The Ice Maiden is of a new power type, the Draconic type. This type is effective against the mice in Dracano.
  • Also, make sure you have a good supply of Pepper Seeds of the three different colors. About 10 of each would do.
  • Now, use those seeds to craft the Inferno Pepper Plant:
    • 1 Blue Pepper Seed + 1 Yellow Pepper Seed + 1 Red Pepper Seed + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Inferno Pepper Plant
    • Unlike art class, this pepper plant is white.
  • Like the previous plants, this can be picked to yield between 1 and 5 Inferno Peppers, to make Inferno Havarti:
    • 6 Inferno Pepper + 16 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Fire Salt = 6 Inferno Havarti
  • Now arm your Ice Maiden, Tribal Base or Aqua Base (Don't buy the Tribal Base if you don't already have it; it's not worth the cost), and Inferno Havarti, and travel to Dracano.
  • There are three types of mice in Dracano: the Whelpling, the Draconic Warden, and the Dragon. The Dragon is your main target, though the other two aren't exactly horrible catches either.
  • Catching the Dragon will net you lots of gold, points, and a Dragon's Chest.
  • Opening it will reveal a bunch of useful stuff. The first chest opened will always include a Zugzwang's Scarf and Magic Feather.
  • The Zugzwang's Scarf is the key to a new location, the Seasonal Garden, however, it requires the rank of Lord/Lady to enter.
  • The Magic Feather is a crafting item you'll need later; keep it.
  • You also want to collect 3 Dragon Embers before continuing. All three types of Dracano mice drop them.

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