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Chapter 18: Balack's Cove

  • Go to Cape Clawed and buy an Antique Lantern (94,000 gold) from the General Store. You can now craft Balack's Lantern with the following recipe:
    • 1 Antique Lantern + 3 Dragon Embers = Balack's Lantern
  • Note that any extra Dragon Embers may be smashed into Fire Salt; however, keep one, you'll need it later.
  • Go to the Jungle of Dread. Arm the Clockapult of Time or Gorgon Trap, and use Gouda.
  • You will attract the Swarm of Pygmy mice, which drops Vanilla Beans.
  • This is used to make a new cheese; the Vanilla Stilton cheese. There are two recipes you can use, depending on if you have the Super Brie to make Magic Essence with:
    • 15 Vanilla Beans + 15 Curds & Whey + 15 Salt + 15 Coconut Milk = 15 Vanilla Stilton
    • 5 Vanilla Beans + 15 Curds & Whey + 15 Salt + 15 Coconut Milk + 15 Magic Essence = 15 Vanilla Stilton
  • You can now hunt in Balack's Cove. There are three types of traps you can use here:
    • If you're aiming for Balack the Banished, use a Forgotten trap (Ancient Box Trap), as it is most effective against the Liches.
    • If you're here to get points (the mice here give a lot), use an Arcane trap (ACRONYM).
    • Shadow traps are less than ideal, but can be equipped as "insurance" against the Pygmy mice if you will be away when the tide comes in.
  • The Balack's Cove has three states, viewable from a special toolbar that appears in the area; low, medium, and high tide.
  • During low tide, there will be no Riptide mice; they are common during medium tide, and during high tide you will only catch Riptide Mice.
  • The Cove runs on an 18-hour, 40-minute cycle. Low tide lasts 16 hours, followed by 1 hour of medium tide, then 40 minutes of high tide, then 1 hour of medium tide again, before going back to low tide.
  • The MouseHunt Timer is useful for predicting the tides.
  • If you catch a Riptide Mouse, you will be washed back to the Jungle of Dread. Be sure to check your location, to avoid the Swarms of Pigmy mice stealing your precious Vanilla Stilton!
  • Unlike the Forbidden Grove, this location is never "closed"; you can travel back right after you catch a Riptide mouse. However, this is not recommended, especially during high tide.
  • If you prefer to stay in Balack's Cove through medium and high tide, you can unequip your cheese (by selecting the cheese you're already using through the camp page; a red DISARM should appear as you hover over it). This prevents you from catching any Riptide mice.
  • Or, you can craft Empowered Anchor Charms with 1 Flawless Orb + 1 Scrap Metal + 40 Charmbits; equipping these gives you a small power bonus, and you won't be affected by catching Riptide mice. This option can be quite expensive though.
  • There are many new mice here; most notably:
    • The Derr Lich mouse, which drops Bottled-Up Rage
    • The Nerg Lich mouse, which drops Raisins of Wrath
    • The Elub Lich mouse, which drops Pinch of Annoyance
  • With these loot items you can now craft Vengeful Vanilla Stilton cheese. There are again two recipes:
    • 1 Bottled-Up Rage + 1 Raisins Of Wrath + 1 Pinch Of Annoyance + 1 Vanilla Bean + 1 Curds & Whey + 1 Ionized Salt + 1 Coconut Milk = 1 Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
    • 1 Bottled-Up Rage + 1 Raisins Of Wrath + 1 Pinch Of Annoyance + 1 Vanilla Bean + 1 Curds & Whey + 1 Ionized Salt + 1 Coconut Milk + 3 Magic Essence = 3 Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
  • It is recommended that you use the second recipe if you have Super Brie to spare, as the loot items can be pretty tough to acquire.
  • This cheese is used to attract the Balack the Banished mouse. Arm the Ancient Box Trap, and cross your fingers.
  • Good luck, you'll need it! And again, beware the tides!
  • You need to be Lord/Lady to enter the next area. Meanwhile, you can go back to catch the mice you missed, or try collecting the ingredients and crafting the following powerful, but hard-to-acquire trap components:
    1. Molten Shrapnel Base
      • The power of the Monolith base, and the luck of the Aqua Base combined! The downside is its Extremely Stale cheese effect; but that just means more Stale Cheese to use, right? The recipe is as follows:
        • 1 Dragon Ember (loot drop in Dracano)
        • 200 Scrap Metal (loot drop in Catacombs; could take a while!)
        • 12 Tiny Platinum Bars (Training Grounds GS; total cost 720,000 gold)
      • You need at least 18 million points to craft this base.
    2. Heat Bath
      • This is a very powerful Hydro weapon. The recipe is as follows:
        • 1 Heat Bath Blueprints (available from the Dragon's Chest; you may have to open a few before seeing one!)
        • 36 Coal (loot drop in Catacombs; again, could take a while!)
        • 6 Scrap Metal (loot drop in Catacombs)
        • 2 Launcher Parts (get 2 Net Cannons from S.S. Huntington II, and smash them; total cost 1,328,000 gold)
      • You need at least 24.8 million points to craft this weapon.
      • However, you will get even more powerful Hydro weapons once you get to the Slushy Shoreline, so if you're short on gold, you may want to skip crafting this.
  • Using Ancient cheese instead of Radioactive Blue in the Catacombs increases the proportion of mice which drop the Scrap Metal and Coal you need.
  • Additionally, you may also want to try catching a Silth mouse at this point, which will come in handy. (You only need to catch it; you're not looking for a loot drop.)
    • Go to the Great Gnarled Tree with best Tactical setup
    • Collect Gnarled Potions
    • Use Gnarled cheese in Great Gnarled Tree
    • Collect Wicked Gnarly Potions from Curious Chemists
    • Use Wicked Gnarly cheese in the Lagoon with best Hydro setup
    • Good luck!
  • Once you reach the rank of Lord/Lady, you may continue to the next chapter.

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