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Chapter 15: Jungle of Dread

  • Before venturing into the Jungle of Dread, preparations will need to be made.
  • Firstly, what trap would you use? The mice in the Jungle of Dread are weak only to Shadow type traps.
  • Fortunately, the Cape Clawed trapsmith stocks Shadow type traps.
  • Three of the traps will look familiar: the Sinister and Ambrosial Portals, and the Bottomless Grave.
  • There are also two new traps. One of them is the Clockapult of Time. This is the best trap of the bunch, but note that it costs 2.7 million gold and requires 20 million points.
  • So if you don't have the gold and/or points, you can try the other new trap, the Gorgon Trap (989,000 gold) instead. It's still rather expensive, but the Jungle of Dread mice can be rather tough, so it's recommended over the cheaper Shadow traps.
    • Indeed, the Clockapult of Time is so expensive, you may want to consider not buying it even if you have the gold, as there is a better Shadow trap available later on in the game.
  • Secondly, what cheese would you use? Note the description of the Jungle of Dread states something about a cheese made with peppers. As you may have guessed, the pepper seeds are your key to this.
  • Pepper seeds aren't quite peppers though, at least not yet. So what are you waiting for? Get some Plant Pots from the Cape Clawed General Store, and get ready to do some gardening!
  • As the description of the Pepper Seeds state, two Pepper Seeds of the same color crafted with a Plant Pot will get a Pepper Plant of that color.
    • 2 Blue Pepper Seeds + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Magical Blue Pepper Plant
    • 2 Yellow Pepper Seeds + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant
    • 2 Red Pepper Seeds + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Spicy Red Pepper Plant
  • Ah, but what happens if you plant two different Pepper Seeds in the same pot? It turns out, like in art class (but quite unlike biology class…), the colors "mix" to produce more colors of Pepper Plant!
    • 1 Blue Pepper Seed + 1 Yellow Pepper Seed + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Crunchy Green Pepper Plant
    • 1 Blue Pepper Seed + 1 Red Pepper Seed + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Pungent Purple Pepper Plant
    • 1 Yellow Pepper Seed + 1 Red Pepper Seed + 1 Plant Pot = 1 Creamy Orange Pepper Plant
  • These Pepper Plants appear in the Special tab of your inventory. All the plants can be picked immediately to produce between 1 and 5 peppers of that type. Say it with me, "Plankrun peppily picked a peck of prismic peppers…"
  • *ahem* Anyway, these peppers can be crafted with supplies from the Cape Clawed General Store to create new kinds of cheese, collectively known as Havarti:
    • 6 Magical Blue Pepper + 2 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Magical Havarti
    • 6 Sweet Yellow Pepper + 6 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Sweet Havarti
    • 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 12 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Spicy Havarti
    • 6 Crunchy Green Pepper + 4 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Crunchy Havarti
    • 6 Pungent Purple Pepper + 8 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Pungent Havarti
    • 6 Creamy Orange Pepper + 10 Coconut Milk + 18 Curds and Whey + 6 Salt = 6 Creamy Havarti
  • Once you have your trap and your cheese (whew!), you can now hunt in the Jungle of Dread.
  • Each type of Havarti attracts a different mouse in the Jungle of Dread, which each drop a unique part of a new trap:
    • Magical Havarti attracts the Stonework Warrior Mouse, which drops the Engraved Solid Stone Slab.
    • Sweet Havarti attracts the Primal Mouse, which drops the Ethereal Rope.
    • Spicy Havarti attracts the Magma Carrier Mouse, which drops the Encrusted Metal of Time.
    • Crunchy Havarti attracts the Fetid Swamp Mouse, which drops the Hinge of Eternity.
    • Pungent Havarti attracts the Chitinous Mouse, which drops the Timeless Mystic Gem.
    • Creamy Havarti attracts the Jurassic Mouse, which drops the Ancient Relic Staff.
  • These mice also may drop Fire Salt and Runic Potions.
  • Collect as much Fire Salt as you can. About 18 would do.
  • Runic potions may be used to convert Gouda or SUPER|brie+ cheese to Runic cheese (at great cost), for use in the Acolyte Realm.
  • You'll need one each of the six trap parts. Combine them with the Ancient Box Blueprints (details in previous chapter) to create a new trap, the Ancient Box Trap. You need 17 million points to craft it.
  • The Ancient Box Trap is of the Forgotten type, which is effective against mice like the Acolyte mouse.
  • It also completes the collection you need to get all the way up to the top tier of the King's Gauntlet. If you have some potions left over, you can test your luck to see if you can get that 300,000 gold reward from the Eclipse mouse!
  • Once you have the Ancient Box Trap, you may move on to the next chapter.

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