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Chapter 19: Slushy Shoreline

  • To advance to this location, you need an Icebreaker License. This is available at the Harbour or S.S. Huntington III cartographers. This costs 145,000 gold, takes 1 hour to complete, and unlocks the Slushy Shoreline and Iceberg locations.
  • You also need to be at least Lord/Lady.
  • First, we shall visit the Slushy Shoreline.
  • The mice here are of the Icewing's Invasion group, and can only be caught by Hydro weapons.
  • Brie is sufficient for attraction, though Gouda can be used if you're in a tournament or otherwise rushing. Both can be bought from the cheese shoppe here.
  • The mice here drop War Scraps. Collect as many of these as possible.
  • It is recommended you buy and use Softserve Charms from the Charm Shoppe. This will attract mice with crafting items:
    • Icebreaker mice drop Wire Spools.
    • Saboteur mice drop Heating Oil.
    • Yeti mice drop Frosty Metal.
  • There is a new trap available at the Trapsmith: the Steam Laser Mk. I. It'll cost you 345,000 gold, 5 Wire Spools, 5 Heating Oil, and 5 Frosty Metal.
  • Its base stats are slightly stronger than the Heat Bath. It gains +1750 power and +3 luck in the Slushy Shoreline and the Iceberg. This bonus makes it comparable to the Oasis Water Node Trap in those locations.
  • While you're here, go to the General Store and buy 1 each of the blueprints (Magnet Base Blueprints, Remote Detonator Base Blueprints, Spiked Base Blueprints, Hearthstone Base Blueprints).
  • Once you have your trap, your blueprints, and about 100 War Scraps, you can advance to the next location.

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