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Chapter 29: Burroughs Rift

  • To gain access to this area, you must be Duke/Duchess or above. You must also own the same Rift Detector you used to access the Gnawnia Rift.
  • The Burroughs Rifts is back in the Rift Plane region.
  • The mice here are weak to the Rift power type. It is recommended that you use the Crystal Tower from the Gnawnia Rift.
  • You'll need those String Cheese again. You can restock from the cheese shoppe here if you need to.
  • You will collect a bunch of Mist Canisters. Once you have a good supply (20 or more) you can start "misting".
  • Each hunt while "misting" will increase your mist counter by one, while each hunt while not misting will decrease your mist counter by one.
  • Once the mist counter is above 5, you'll attract mice that drop Terre Ricotta potions.
  • Do be careful though; once the mist counter reaches 18, you should turn the mister off, or you'll begin attracting the Monstrous Abomination, which is very difficult to catch and is not worth the reward right now.
  • Once you have collected some Terre Ricotta potions, you can make Terre Ricotta cheese. You can equip them; again, best results are achieved by keeping the mist in the green zone.
  • You will collect Polluted Parmesan potions.
  • Before using the Polluted Parmesan potions, you'll want to mist until you're at 18 or above. Then equip the Polluted Parmesan cheese.
  • You might also want to equip a powerful charm (like the Ancient Charm) to help you catch these tough mice. The Menace of the Rift mouse drops a Null Gauntlet that you need, and may also drop the Burroughs Rift Theme Scrap I. Note that you can save Mist Canisters by cycling the mister on and off, to make sure that the mist meter doesn't get "pinned" against the maximum.
  • The Null Gauntlet unlocks the Rift Vacuum Charm in the Charm Shoppe. Equipping it will allow you to collect Calcified Rift Mist, which, with the Erupting Rift Cores also available in the charm shoppe, can be crafted into Rift Power Charms:
    • 1 Divine Orb + 5 Calcified Rift Mist + 1 Erupting Rift Core + 25 Charmbits = 1 Rift Power Charm
  • The Rift Vacuum and Rift Power Charms, along with the Rift Base and all weapons of the Rift power type, are part of the Riftwalker Set. Equipping at least two pieces will give your trap an additional 10% power bonus. Equipping three pieces will give your trap an additional 5 luck.
  • The boost the Rift Power Charm provides may be just what the doctor ordered to help you hunt "redlined" with String cheese and Terre Ricotta. String cheese will attract the Monstrous Abomination when redlined, which drops the second theme scrap. Terre Ricotta will attract the Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs when redlined, which drops the third theme scrap. Craft all three to get a new hunter's journal theme!
  • More importantly, redlined mice (of all three cheese types) drop pieces of Rift Circuitry, needed to upgrade your weapon.
  • When you have your Null Gauntlet, 50 pieces of Rift Circuitry, and at least 1.5 million gold, you can smash your Crystal Tower to get a Shattered Rift Crystal.
  • You can then buy a Focused Crystal Laser or a Multi-Crystal Laser weapon from the trapsmith. You will keep the Null Gauntlet; the other items and gold will be spent. For now the Focused Crystal Laser appears to be the better option.

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