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Chapter 21: Seasonal Garden

  • You need a Zugzwang's Scarf to enter this area. It is available as a loot drop from Icewing Mouse or from the Dragon Chest (the first one opened always contains a Zugzwang's Scarf and a Magic Feather, in addition to other useful items).
  • If you have at least 38 million points, you can now craft a new, extremely powerful Tactical weapon (even better than the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap), the Zugzwang's First Move.
    • First you need to buy the Zugzwang's Last Move from the trapsmith in the Seasonal Garden (if you don't have one already from Furoma).
    • Then smash it to get Chess Pieces
    • Now buy the Zugzwang's First Move Blueprints from the Seasonal Garden general store.
    • Craft the Zugzwang's First Move using the following recipe:
      • 1 Magic Feather + 1 Chess Pieces + 1 Zugzwang's First Move Blueprints = 1 Zugzwang's First Move
  • This is how this location works: every 80 hours (3 days and 8 hours), the season will change (Spring → Summer → Fall → Winter, then back to Spring), and so will the types of mice available. Tactical traps are effective against all the mice, but mice of each season also have their special weakness.
    • Spring mice are especially weak to Physical traps.
    • Summer mice are especially weak to Tactical traps.
    • Fall mice are especially weak to Shadow traps.
    • Winter mice are especially weak to Hydro traps.
  • Thus, equip the right setup for the season. The MouseHunt Timer is useful for predicting the seasons.
  • Gouda cheese should be sufficient for attraction; however Super Brie is needed if you wish to catch the Spring Familiar or Fall Familiar mice (worth a 6% increase of the amplifier!)
  • Each season has a powerful "boss" mouse, that drops a key shard:
    • In the spring, the Vinetail drops the Spring Key Shard
    • In the summer, the Summer Mage drops the Summer Key Shard
    • In the fall, the Harvester drops the Fall Key Shard
    • In the winter, the Winter Mage drops the Winter Key Shard
  • Also when you're in the Garden, the Tower Amplifier bar appears. This increases every time you catch a mouse in the Garden, and decreases on a fail-to-attract (merely missing an attracted mouse has no effect). Leaving the garden has no effect on the percentage; you'll pick up where you left off when you return.
  • Once you have all four key shards, you may combine them to create the Zugzwang's Tower Key. You may then continue to the next chapter.

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