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Chapter 30: Whisker Woods Rift

  • This area has the same entry requirements as the Burroughs Rift: namely, you must be Duke/Duchess or above, and you must own the Rift Detector.
  • It is highly recommended that you have obtained the Null Gauntlet from the Burroughs Rift, and a supply of Calcified Rift Mist; if you're low on Calcified Rift Mist, buy some Rift Vacuum Charms and get mist from the Burroughs Rift. You can also get mist in the Whisker Woods Rift with the vacuum charms, but the frequency is lower.
  • The Whisker Woods Rift is also in the Rift Plane region.
  • The mice here are also weak to the Rift power type. It is recommended that you have one of the traps from the Burroughs Rift. Pair it with the Rift Base for the set bonus!
  • You'll start out with using String Cheese again.
  • The mice you catch belong to one of three factions (Crazed Clearing, Gigantic Gnarled Tree, and Deep Lagoon), and raise the rage level of that faction by one point. Each faction drops charm ingredients associated with the other two factions:
    • The Crazed Clearing faction drops Rift-torn Roots and Sap-filled Thorns.
    • The Gigantic Gnarled Tree faction drops Rift Cherries and Sap-filled Thorns.
    • The Deep Lagoon faction drops Rift Cherries and Rift-torn Roots.
  • Using Magical String cheese also gives you the chance of attracting the Gilded Leaf mouse, which adds 2 rage points to each faction.
  • Once one faction hits 25 rage, three more-powerful mice from that faction are unlocked. These raise the rage level of their faction by two points, such that it is difficult for any of the other factions to catch up.
  • Once a faction hits 50 rage, you'll get a special message, and will face a mini-boss mouse. These drop special cheese ingredients:
    • The mini boss of the Crazed Clearing faction is the Cyclops Barbarian, and he drops Tasty Spider Mould.
    • The mini boss of the Gigantic Gnarled Tree faction is the Centaur Ranger, and he drops Gnarly Tree Sap.
    • The mini boss of the Deep Lagoon faction is the Tri-dra, and he drops Crumbly Rift Salts.
  • Once you catch the mini-boss, the rage levels of all three factions reset to zero.
  • Your first objective is to stockpile these charm ingredients and cheese ingredients. You'd want to craft a good number of Lactrodectus Lancashire cheese (about 9~12 should do):
    • 1 Creamy Gnarled Sap + 1 Crumbly Rift Salts + 1 Tasty Spider Mould + 3 Rift Curd → 3 Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese
    • 1 Creamy Gnarled Sap + 1 Crumbly Rift Salts + 1 Tasty Spider Mould + 3 Rift Curd + 1 Magic Essence → 4 Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese
  • You'll then want to hunt until you get past 25 rage for one faction. Then craft these charms to funnel rage into the other factions so that they are all past 25 rage:
    • 1 Simple Orb + 3 Calcified Rift Mist + 1 Rift Cherries + 45 Charmbit → 1 Cherry Charm, which funnels rage into the Crazed Clearing, and attracts the Cherry Sprite mouse.
    • 1 Simple Orb + 3 Calcified Rift Mist + 1 Rift-torn Roots + 45 Charmbit → 1 Gnarled Charm, which funnels rage into the Gigantic Gnarled, and attracts the Naturalist mouse.
    • 1 Simple Orb + 3 Calcified Rift Mist + 1 Sap-filled Thorns + 45 Charmbit → 1 Stagnant Charm, which funnels rage into the Deep Lagoon, and attracts the Grizzled Silth mouse.
  • These three mice increase your rage by 6 in the funneled faction. If you use Magical String and catch a Gilded Leaf, the rage will also be funneled into a single faction for a total of 6 rage.
  • Once all three factions are above 25 rage, you can then arm your Lactrodectus Lancashire cheese to try to catch the Monstrous Black Widow. She will drop the Widow's Web and a bunch of assorted loot.
    • You may also aim for a higher rage before switching to the Lancashire. This gives a better chance of attracting the Monstrous Black Widow (saving your Lancashire) and more chance of loot.
    • To do this, unequip your funnelers once all three factions are at 25 rage. Then hunt as normal until you are almost full on one faction (40+ would do), then use funnelers to get all three bars to 40+. Avoid exceeding 44 rage, or you might accidentally fill up a bar, causing a mini-boss mouse to appear and resetting your rage.
  • Widow's Webs are used to purchase bases from the Trapsmith. The Fracture Base is weaker than the Rift Base, but is required for getting the Fissure Base. This will cost you 6,930,000 gold and 5 Widow's Webs in all.
  • Widow's Webs are also used to craft the Taunting Charm. A Taunting Charm is consumed when you catch a mini-boss or Monstrous Black Widow, and prevents the natural resetting of rage levels, allowing you to catch more than one boss in a run.
    • 1 Divine Orb + 2 Widow's Web + 25 Calcified Rift Mist + 500 Charmbit = 1 Taunting Charm (est. cost: 12,500)
  • Taunting Charms are also pretty much almost required to receive the following rewards without accidentally resetting your rage levels:
    • With 50 rage in one faction, the Rift Ultimate Power Charm is added to the Monstrous Black Widow's loot.
    • With 50 rage in two factions, the Rift Ultimate Luck Charm is also added.
    • With 50 rage in three factions, Plankrun's Whisker Woods Rift Notes (if not already possessed) and another random item is added. Additionally, only Monstrous Black Widows will be attracted; great for catching a bunch with Taunting Charms.

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