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Chapter 16: Forbidden Grove / Acolyte Realm

  • You may have noticed a crafting item called Stale Cheese, created every time cheese goes stale on your trap.
  • Stale Cheese is used to make Ancient and Runic cheese, which are needed to hunt in the next areas.
  • You may want to stock some Cheddar for staling. Also take along about 50 Brie, and some Gouda if you plan to use your Runic Potions.
  • Now go to the Bazaar. Stock about 500 Ionized Salt - don't buy too much, because you cannot refund it without losing gold.
  • The Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm have some unusual properties:
    • Basically, the Forbidden Grove stays "open" for about 16 hours.
    • After this it "closes", thus making it inaccessible from the travel menu. During this time, Realm Ripper mice will be present. If you catch one you'll be automatically sent to the Acolyte Realm. This is the only way to access the Acolyte Realm.
    • The Forbidden Grove then stays "closed" for about 4 hours before "opening" again. Hunters in the Acolyte Realm have to manually travel back to the Forbidden Grove if they wish to hunt there.
  • The MouseHunt Timer is useful for predicting the next opening and closing times.
  • Wait till the Forbidden Grove is open. If it is open, but there are less than 30 minutes left till closing time, wait for the next opening time. While waiting, you can hunt in the Bazaar using your strongest trap setup.
  • Prepare for the Forbidden Grove by crafting some Ancient cheese, with the following recipe (makes 3 pieces):
    • 3 Stale Cheese
    • 6 Ionized Salt
  • You can also add 3 Magic Essence to the recipe to make 3 more pieces, if you have the SUPER|Brie+ to spare. I recommend however, that you save any SUPER|Brie+ you may have for Runic cheese, detailed later in this chapter.
  • You may also have collected some Ancient Potions from the Catacombs. You may use them if you like, but they are very expensive to use, at the cost of 1,900 gold per piece of Brie converted. Even SUPER|Brie+ requires 900 gold a piece to convert. It's probably better to use the Stale Cheese instead.
  • Once the Forbidden Grove is open, travel to it. Use:
    • Weapon: ACRONYM
    • Base: Aqua Base
    • Cheese: Ancient
  • Mice here drop Runes. Collect as many as you can. The Scavenger Mouse in particular can drop up to 7 or 8 runes at a time!
  • When the grove closes and you catch a Realm Ripper mouse, you'll be automatically transported to the Acolyte Realm.
  • What do you do here? Well, you have 3 choices:
  • 1. Craft and use Runic cheese
    • If you have managed to collect some Runes, you can use it to craft Runic cheese with this recipe (makes 1 piece):
      • 1 Rune
      • 1 Stale Cheese
      • 3 Ionized Salt
    • You can also add 1 Magic Essence to the recipe to make another piece. This allows you to make more Runic cheese from the Runes you have.
    • There is another way to get Runic cheese: by using the Runic Potions that you acquired from the Jungle of Dread. However, this is an expensive option; using Gouda, it takes 2400 per piece to convert, thus costing you 3000 per piece of Runic. The advantage is that you can stay in the Acolyte Realm without having to return to the Forbidden Grove for more Runes.
    • With the Runic cheese, you will attract Golem, Gorgon, and Spectre mice, which you may have seen in the Forbidden Grove. You'll also attract some new mice, the Wight, Lich, and Acolyte mice.
    • Your main target is the Acolyte mouse. Use the Ancient Box Trap with the Tribal Base (if you have it), Fan Base (without Golden Shield), or Aqua Base (with Golden Shield). (Don't buy the Tribal Base if you don't already have it; it's not worth the cost.) It drops the Mysterious Box.
    • This appears in the Special tab of your inventory. Open it to reveal a Frozen Scroll, and an additional useful, random surprise.
    • Once you've collected the Frozen Scroll, return to the Forbidden Grove (when open) and collect 60 Runes. Do not use them to make Runic cheese.
  • 2. Continue using Ancient cheese
    • You can continue using the Ancient cheese you were using in the Forbidden Grove.
    • However, it isn't as efficient a use for the Ancient cheese; you will earn less gold, be less likely to collect Runes, and can't get any Scrap Metal.
    • Nevertheless, this strategy can be used to easily catch the Gate Guardian and Sorceror mice, which are more common here than in the Forbidden Grove.
  • 3. Create more Stale Cheese
    • You can use this time to create more Stale Cheese.
    • To do this, switch to your stalest trap setup. Use the ACRONYM, Explosive Base, and Cheddar.
    • You won't attract any mice, but you should produce a lot of Stale Cheese for later use.
    • You may also want to ask friends to give you Stale Cheese via Friends → Send Free Gifts.
  • Whatever you choose to do, watch for the time the Forbidden Grove reopens. Once it does, craft more Ancient and go back there for more hunting. If you had changed your trap setup for staling, remember to change it back.
  • If you prefer to stay in the Forbidden Grove through closing time, you can unequip your cheese (by selecting the cheese you're already using through the camp page; a red DISARM should appear as you hover over it). This prevents you from catching any Realm Ripper mice.
  • Once you have the Frozen Scroll and 60 Runes, and have reached the level of Knight, you can continue to the next chapter.

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