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Chapter 4: Laboratory / Town of Digby

  • Do not go to the Great Gnarled Tree yet; go the Laboratory first. Use:
    • Weapon: Swiss Army Mouse Trap
    • Base: Dehydration Base
    • Cheese: Swiss. Also take along about 300 Brie (available from the Town of Gnawnia), but don't use it.
  • Hunt until you acquire:
    • Dwarf Mouse with the Key to the Town of Digby.
    • At least 30 Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions. It may take a while to accumulate these, but it'll pay off. These are used to make Radioactive Blue cheese, which is needed in the Mousoleum.
    • There is a way to speed up the process. Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions are more effective on SUPER|Brie+ than Brie, converting more per potion. If you use SUPER|Brie+, you don't need as many potions to create the same amount of Radioactive Blue cheese. Find out how to obtain SUPER|Brie+ here.
  • Now go to the Town of Digby. Continue using the same setup. Catch the Zombie Mouse with the Tattered Mousoleum Map.
  • Once you have that, you may move on to the next chapter.
  • You may note that Larry mentions other types of mice that require Limelight cheese. You don't quite have the ingredients to craft that cheese, or a trap that's strong enough to catch them, so don't worry about those yet.

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