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Chapter 10: Great Gnarled Tree Revisited / Lagoon

  • Go to the Bazaar, and visit the Cartographer. Turn in your Tattered Mousoleum Map. It costs 160,000 gold to do so.
  • When it is repaired, the Catacombs will appear on the map, but it requires a rank of Legendary to enter.
  • In the meantime, go to the Great Gnarled Tree. Use:
    • Weapon: Ambush
    • Base: Fan Base (Dehydration Base if you have the Lucky Golden Shield)
    • Cheese: Brie
  • Catch a Fairy Mouse with the Map of the Lagoon. If you've been here, you may already have this; check your inventory.
  • Also, collect about 30 Gnarled Potions.
  • Convert some of your Brie into Gnarled cheese using the potions.
  • Now go to the Lagoon. Use your Gnarled potions, and equip the resultant Gnarled cheese.
  • Cross your fingers. The Gnarled cheese should start attracting the powerful Hydra mouse to your trap soon enough. You want to collect the Ship Blueprints from it.
  • Once you have it, go back to the Great Gnarled Tree. Continue using your Gnarled cheese.
  • You will start catching Curious Chemist mice. They drop Wicked Gnarly Potions. Save these for later.
  • While waiting for Legendary, there are several things you can do:
    • Go back to the Laboratory to collect Radioactive Blue potions; you'll need lots of them for the Catacombs. Do not use them yet; the potions will increase in effectiveness when you reach Legendary rank.
    • Try gaining access to the King's Gauntlet and hunting there. With your Ambush, you should be able to catch the mice from tiers 1-4 without much trouble.
    • You can try going back to catch the mice you missed. Some mice may require special strategies to catch, including the use of Super Brie. Checking the MouseHunt Wiki entries for those mice may prove useful.
  • Anyway, once you've reached Legendary and collected your Repaired Mousoleum Map from the Cartographer, you're ready to move on to the next chapter.

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