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Chapter 3: Mountain / Calm Clearing

  • Buy all the Swiss you can afford from the Meadow, and travel to the Mountain, using the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, with the Fan Base.
  • Hunt until you catch a Ninja Mouse with a Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece. You must have this map piece to continue in the game.
  • Note that there is a new shoppe type in the Mountain: the Charm Shoppe. Charms are an additional, consumable trap component that provide small bonuses. To use them you need to purchase the Pine Charm Conduit available there (3,000 gold).
    • However, the charms sold here are not worth the price; note that they are consumed every encounter, so the gold really adds up. Some special events and later locations require the use of charms, however, so remember to come back here to buy it if needed.
  • If you have the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece, you may go to the Calm Clearing. If you don't have it, go back to the Harbour to find it.
  • Now go to the Calm Clearing, catch a Cyclops Mouse with a Gnarled Tree Map Piece.
  • Avoid buying the NVMRC Forcefield Trap or the Mouse Deathbot. These traps are powerful, but mice in many later areas are resistant to "physical" traps. The gold is best saved for the special traps needed to catch these mice.
    • If you have a lot of gold from gifts from a friend (please do not beg), winning a competition, or from donating and selling SUPER|Brie+, the NVMRC Forcefield Trap is preferred over the Mouse Deathbot.
  • Try to collect 4 pieces of Splintered Wood from either the Treant mice in the Calm Clearing, or the Dwarf mice in the Mountain. (The Treant mice tend to drop them more often, and may even drop several at a time.)
  • Once you have them, you can craft the Dehydration Base using this recipe:
    • 1 Dehydration Base Blueprints
    • 213 Salt
    • 4 Splintered Wood
  • The Dehydration Base is an alternative to the Fan Base. It has less power bonus, but it has high luck and freshness rating.
    • Luck increases your catch rates (and thus can act as a substitute for power), and also slightly increases the chance of loot drops. Luck makes a bigger difference the more of it you have: e.g. the difference between 10 and 14 luck is more than the difference between 0 and 4 luck. This means that lucky bases are often best paired with lucky traps.
    • Statistics show that the Swiss Army Mouse Trap works better with the Dehydration Base than the Fan Base, so use it!
  • Note that you may receive Cherry Potions during your stay here. These can be used to make Cherry Cheese, which is used to catch the Cherry Mouse. (You'll need to get Brie from the Town of Gnawnia to use the potion.) You do not need it to continue with the game; it's just a rather interesting mouse with a huge gold bonus.
    • Note that as you rank up, Cherry Potions become stronger; as such, you may want to wait till you're Legendary (when it maxes out) to use them.
  • In these two locations, you may receive Orbs as drops. These are used as crafting materials to make charms; however, they are not too useful at this stage of the game, so you may want to sell them in the Marketplace (accessible from the Shops menu) for some gold.
  • Continue hunting until you reach Master.

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