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Chapter 8: Dojo

  • Travel to the Dojo. Use:
    • Weapon: Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
    • Base: Fan Base (Dehydration Base if you have the Lucky Golden Shield)
    • Cheese: Brie
  • You'll find much of the same mice here that you did in the Training Grounds. Except you won't find any White Mice or Dwarf Mice here. Instead, there are three notable new mice, each of which drop a special crafting item:
    • Student of the Cheese Claw — drops the Token of the Cheese Claw.
    • Student of the Cheese Fang — drops the Token of the Cheese Fang.
    • Student of the Cheese Belt — drops the... argh, you can figure this one out. :p
  • Most students will drop their corresponding token when caught, however there is a small minority (about 1%) that won't. It is not a bug, although it is often mistaken for one.
  • Alternatively, if you have King's Credits stocked up (check Inventory → Special, under "Currency"), you can go to the King's Arms general store to redeem some tokens. Each token pack costs 3 credits, and yields 6 tokens of one type.
  • Each of these tokens are used to craft a specific type of cheese, used to catch a specific mouse in the Meditation Room. Here are the cheeses and their recipes:
    • Susheese — used to catch the Master of the Cheese Claw:
      • 3 Tokens of the Cheese Claw
      • 3 Curds and Whey
      • 1 Nori
      • 1 Burroughs Salmon
    • Combat — used to catch the Master of the Cheese Fang:
      • 3 Tokens of the Cheese Fang
      • 5 Curds and Whey
      • 1 Splintered Wood
      • 1 Paint-brand Paint
    • Glutter — used to catch the Master of the Cheese Belt:
      • 3 Tokens of the Cheese Belt
      • 7 Curds and Whey
      • 1 Invisi-glu
      • 1 Cheesy Fluffs
  • All recipes above make 3 pieces of cheese. Note you can't double these recipes to make double the cheese; the quantities have to be entered exactly. The good news is you only have to enter each recipe once; once you do, it can be recalled from your Recipe Book, as long as you have the ingredients.
  • Once you have crafted some of these special cheeses, you can try your luck using them in the Meditation Room.
  • Your goal is to catch one of each type of Master. Once you have caught one of a certain type, do not continue hunting with that cheese. Either switch to a different crafted cheese, or return to the Dojo ground floor.
    • The Master of the Cheese Claw drops the Master Claw Shard
    • The Master of the Cheese Fang drops the Master Fang Shard
    • The Master of the Cheese Belt drops the... well...
  • Combine all three shards (just throw one of each into the recipe) to create the Master's Seal.
  • Once you have that, stay in the Meditation Room and continue hunting with Brie. You will catch a lot of Hapless mice; they give so little gold that you won't make a profit; however they have a chance of dropping the Ambush Trap Blueprints.
    • If you're extremely lucky, you may already have gotten the blueprints from an Assassin or Worker mouse in the Dojo. However, the Assassin is very difficult to catch, and the Worker is extremely rare (unless you're using Super Brie).
  • Once you have it, you may craft the Ambush using this recipe.
    • 1 Ambush Trap Blueprints
    • 1 Master's Seal
    • 3 Rice Paper
    • 5 Splintered Wood
    • 8 Droid Parts
  • With the Ambush your performance in the Dojo should improve. Return there and continue hunting for tokens.
    • If you're having trouble collecting tokens, and you have the SUPER|Brie+ to spare, you could try crafting Maki cheese, which greatly increases the attraction rate of Students. The recipe is as follows (makes 3 pieces):
      • 1 Nori
      • 3 Curds and Whey
      • 3 Magic Essence (obtainable by smashing SUPER|Brie+)
  • Once you have collected a good amount of tokens (about 15 of each type should do), you may continue to the next chapter.

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