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Chapter 9: Meditation Room / Pinnacle Chamber

  • You should now have crafted the Ambush, and collected a good amount of tokens.
  • Now craft as much Susheese, Combat, and Glutter as you can.
  • Go to the Meditation Room. Use the Ambush and the Fan Base.
  • Use up all your crafted cheese, catching as many Masters as you can. You do not have to combine the shards.
  • Now it's time to move to the Pinnacle Chamber, to face the Master of the Dojo Mouse (often nicknamed "Mojo").
  • You need another crafted cheese to hunt here: the Rumble. The recipe is as follows (makes 3 pieces):
    • 1 Ionized Salt
    • 20 Curds and Whey
    • 1 Master Claw Shard
    • 1 Master Fang Shard
    • 1 Master Belt Shard
  • If you had combined the shards, you can substitute the Master's Seal in place of the shards.
  • Make as much Rumble as you can, and hunt. Hopefully, you catch a Master of the Dojo Mouse. The important thing is to collect its loot, the Onyx Stone. You only really need one. Once you have it, you can move on to the next chapter, or...
  • Optional: If you have additional Onyx Stones, and you're brave enough, you can use them to attempt to catch the Dojo Sensei.
  • To do that, you need to craft Onyx Gorgonzola cheese. The recipe is (creates 3 pieces):
    • 1 Onyx Stone
    • 6 Ionized Salt
    • 60 Curds and Whey
  • There is another way to acquire Onyx Gorgonzola. If you craft:
    • 1 Onyx Stone
    • 1 Ionized Salt
    • 1 Curds and Whey
  • …, you will get an Unstable Curd, which appears in the "Special" tab of your inventory, with an option to "poke". Poking it may yield a good quantity of Onyx Gorgonzola… or some other cheese entirely.
  • This is a less reliable method, but is more economical, since crafting is cheaper and the extra cheeses can often be useful.
  • Arm it in the Pinnacle Chamber, and cross your fingers; this is a tough mouse to catch!
  • The Dojo Sensei comes with a huge reward of gold, and may drop the Onyx Mallet Blueprints. The Onyx Mallet is a strong Physical trap, with the following recipe:
    • 1 Onyx Mallet Blueprints
    • 12 Onyx Stones
    • 10 Tiny Platinum Bars, available at the Training Grounds general store.
  • However, you're not likely to be able to craft it. 12 Onyx Stones is a lot, you'll probably be spending way too much time trying to collect them. Also, the Tiny Platinum Bars cost 600,000 gold collectively. Thus, it is recommended you just save the blueprints for now.
  • Neither the Dojo Sensei nor the Onyx Mallet Blueprints are requirements to advance in the game; you can come back later, perhaps after you have acquired a more powerful Tactical trap, like the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap. Make sure you do not use up your last Onyx Stone!

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