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Chapter 27: Gnawnia Rift

  • To gain access to this area, you must be Count/Countess or above. You must also purchase the Rift Detector from the Living Garden cartographer. It will cost you 5 Dol Essences.
  • Once you're ready, travel to the Gnawnia Rift in the new Rift Plane region.
  • The mice here are weak to the Rift power type, but you can't obtain a trap yet, so you'll have to make do with your strongest weapon and base.
  • Regular cheese won't work here. You'd need to buy special String cheese from the cheese shoppe - they come in Marble, Swiss, and Brie varieties, as well as the special "Magical" variety.
  • Magical String Cheese cannot be bought with gold. You may buy it with real money, or you may use Magic Essence to craft it:
    • 1 Magic Essence + 1 Aleth Essence + 1 Rift Curd = 1 Magical String Cheese.
    • Rift Curds can be bought from the general store for 830 gold each.
    • If you are out of Aleth Essences, you can smash higher-ranked essences into their equivalent Aleth Essences.
  • Some mice here may also drop Magical String Cheese.
  • The better the cheese, the better your attraction rate and your chance to collect Riftiago Potions. Additionally, the Micro mouse and Dream Drifter mouse may only be attracted by Brie String and Magical String Cheese.
  • Riftiago Potions are used to make Riftiago Cheese. One potion converts:
    • 3 Brie String Cheese + 3,000 gold → 3 Riftiago Cheese, or
    • 5 Magical String Cheese → 5 Riftiago Cheese.
  • Riftiago Cheese attracts new mice that drop special crafting ingredients: Magic Seeds, Riftgrass, and Rift Dust.
  • These are combined with Rift Curd and Ionized Salt, both available from the general store, to make Resonator Cheese:
    • 3 Magic Seeds + 3 Riftgrass + 3 Rift Dust + 1 Rift Curd + 1 Ionized Salt = 3 Resonator Cheese.
    • 3 Magic Seeds + 3 Riftgrass + 3 Rift Dust + 1 Rift Curd + 1 Ionized Salt + 1 Magic Essence = 4 Resonator Cheese.
  • Resonator Cheese will attract the powerful Goliath Field mouse. He will be somewhat difficult to catch due to the power type mismatch. You may want to equip a powerful charm to aid you; Ancient Charms, or even Ultimate Power Charms (which for once are preferable to Ultimate Luck Charms, as the power type mismatch penalizes luck harder than power) might do the trick. Good luck!
  • Once you do catch the Goliath Field mouse, he drops a Raw Rift Crystal. You may then purchase the Crystal Tower with it and 4,900,000 gold.
  • If you have the Rift Base, you may arm it with the Crystal Tower for an additional 10% power bonus.
  • Additional Raw Rift Crystals may be used to purchase Bags of Living Essences, which may be opened for a semi-random assortment of living essences.

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