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Spheniscine's MouseHunt Walkthrough

Welcome to Spheniscine's MouseHunt walkthrough! The following is a guide to the Facebook application called MouseHunt, which can be found here.

MouseHunt is a Facebook game where you set traps to catch various weird and wacky mice. Over the years it has developed into a content-rich game, with many paths and possible strategies. It is fun to explore, but there are certain areas where new players might get lost in, not knowing what to do next. That's what this guide is here for. :) The following information is the result of experience and the study of the MouseHunting community.

This walkthrough is sponsored by the Online Math Learning Interactive Zone; support is appreciated!

Also, check out my gaming blog, Let's Play with Spheniscine, for gameplay videos and tips on various other games!

Latest update: (2016-02-20): Labyrinth chapter added!

MouseHunt is an evolving game; the developers are constantly working to add new locations, mice, items, and goals to the game. Check back here often for new additions to this guide as I get around to them.

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