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Chapter 6: Great Gnarled Tree

  • Go to the Great Gnarled Tree.
  • What trap do you use here? Most of the mice here are from the Forest Guild group. Physical traps are effective against this group, but Tactical traps are even better. You will face more Tactical mice later, so we might as well get a Tactical trap now.
  • Buy the Venus Mouse Trap from the trapsmith here. Use it with the Fan Base (Dehydration Base if you have the Lucky Golden Shield) and Swiss cheese.
  • Hunt until you have at least 827,500 points. Once you have that, you will be able to upgrade the Venus Mouse Trap.
  • You may have noticed back in the Mousoleum that whenever Radioactive Blue Cheese goes stale on your trap, you receive a crafting item called the Radioactive Sludge.
  • You need 20 of these, which you likely don't have. Thus, equip the trap setup with the worst cheese effect ratings possible.
  • For most, this will be the Sinister Portal with Explosive Base. If you don't have that, get the Mouse Rocketine from the Town of Gnawnia.
  • Do not use trap components with a high attraction bonus, like the Tacky Glue Trap.
  • Equip your remaining Radioactive Blue Cheese and hunt here in the Great Gnarled Tree.
  • Your attraction rate will be extremely low, but you will collect Radioactive Sludge every time your cheese goes stale. Again, you need 20 of these; check your progress with your crafting panel, accessible via Inventory → Crafting.
    • If you have Facebook friends that play MouseHunt, you may also ask them for Radioactive Sludge, which can be sent to you via Friends → Send Gifts, at no cost to them! Be sure to return the favor.
  • Once you have that, go to your crafting panel, click the green arrow by the Hunter's Hammer, and smash your Venus Mouse Trap. You will get a Venus Mouse Trap Husk.
  • Now enter this recipe into the crafting panel:
    • 1 Venus Mouse Trap Husk
    • 20 Radioactive Sludge
  • Hit the Combine Items button. Cackle evilly while doing so (optional, but fun). It's… alive!
  • Behold, a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap! Equip that with the Fan Base (Dehydration Base if you have the Lucky Golden Shield) and Swiss cheese and continue hunting in the Great Gnarled Tree.
  • If you had accidentally smashed the Venus Mouse Trap without the required points or Radioactive Sludge, you can easily reconstruct it by crafting with the Venus Mouse Trap Husk alone.
  • You may collect some Gnarled Potions, or if you're really lucky, the Map of the Lagoon. Save these for later.
  • Continue hunting until you reach Grandmaster.

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