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Chapter 13: S.S. Huntington III

  • Now it's time to use some of your hard-earned gold from the Catacombs. Craft the Ship, a.k.a. the S.S. Huntington III, using this recipe:
    • 1 Ship Blueprints
    • 100 Rope (available at the Great Gnarled Tree General Store)
    • 70 Bolts of Cloth (also available at the Great Gnarled Tree)
    • 1 King's Reserve Bubbleh (also available at the Great Gnarled Tree)
    • 900 Splintered Wood (available at the Training Grounds General Store)
    • 18 Scrap Metal (loot drop from the Catacombs, and from Hydras in the Lagoon)
  • These ingredients will set you back about 615,000 gold (maybe a bit less, depending on the loot drops you've got).
  • Once you have crafted the Ship, a new location opens, the S.S. Huntington III. Time to sail off to the great unknown! Who knows what strange lands one might discover?
  • You do not need any special cheese for this area; Brie will do fine. Now let's look at weapon and base choices.
  • There is a trapsmith here; let's check it out. They sell two weapons, the Harpoon Gun and the Net Cannon, both of the Hydro type, and one base, the Aqua Base.
  • You guessed it... time to break the bank again (664,000 gold to be precise). The mice here are of the "Aquatic Order" group, which is best caught with a Hydro weapon.
  • Which one should you buy? They're pretty close, but the Net Cannon is recommended, as loot drops are very important here and in the next locations.
  • Regardless, there is an easy way of converting between the two. Smashing either weapon with your Hunter's Hammer will yield Launcher Parts. Crafting the Launcher Parts alone will construct the Harpoon Gun, and crafting the Launcher Parts with 1 Rope (from the Great Gnarled Tree General Store) will construct the Net Cannon.
  • The Aqua Base is notable for having extremely high Luck. Go ahead and buy it as it will be useful for maximizing loot drops. It'll set you back yet another 124,900 gold; good thing you collected all that gold from the Catacombs, eh?
  • Catch the Bottled Mouse with the Compass, the Captain Mouse with the Telescope, and the Shipwrecked Mouse with the Sextant.
  • Craft these items together to get the Ocean Navigation Kit. This is the key to the next set of locations, the Tribal Isles. You can then move on to the next chapter.

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