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Chapter 5: Mousoleum

  • Before going to the Mousoleum, you need to make some preparations.
  • Buy the Explosive Base (29,775 gold) from the Meadow trapsmith.
  • Buy the Sinister Portal (140,600 gold) from the Town of Digby trapsmith. If you already have the Ambrosial Portal, use that instead.
  • Go to Inventory → Potions.
  • Convert your Brie into Radioactive Blue using the Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions.
    • Using the potions will consume gold, so you do not have to convert all your Brie at once; just convert with 1 or 2 potions, and use the gold you'll be earning to convert more.
    • Also note that as you level up, your potions become more effective and can convert more cheese. This is another reason not to use all your potions at once.
  • Go to the Mousoleum. Use:
    • Weapon: Sinister Portal / Ambrosial Portal
    • Base: Explosive Base (Dehydration Base if you have the Lucky Golden Shield)
      • The Lucky Golden Shield is a temporary luck bonus received by buying Super Brie via the "Donate" button
    • Cheese: Radioactive Blue. No other cheese is effective.
    • Most of the mice in the Mousoleum are from the group "The Shadow Clan" (check the Mice page for a list of groups and their weaknesses), which are resistant to "Physical" traps. This is why you must use a "Shadow" trap to catch them, and why I discouraged buying the NVMRC Forcefield / Mouse Deathbot.
    • The Mousoleum mice are tougher than you may be used to. You will miss a fair amount of mice, and they steal more than the mice in the other areas. However, the mice here are also worth far more than other areas, making the Mousoleum one of the best areas to make gold in. Just make sure that you're using the correct setup.
  • Continue hunting, converting Brie into Radioactive Blue as needed.
  • Attempt to catch a Lycan Mouse with the Shredded Furoma Map Piece.
  • If you run out of Radioactive Blue potions before catching one, you may either go back to the Laboratory to find more potions, or buy Moon Cheese, which increases the attraction rate for Lycans in the Mousoleum greatly, from the Marketplace (available under Shoppes).
  • If you have SUPER|brie+ to spare, you may also craft Moon Cheese using the following recipe. This is usually less economical than buying from the Marketplace, but is retained here for reference.
    • 1 Meteorite, dropped by Granite Mice in the Town of Digby. Use the same setup you were using in the Laboratory.
      • If you're lucky, you may find a Mole Mouse with the Shredded Furoma Map Piece while hunting in Digby, but they are quite rare.
    • 3 Curds and Whey, obtainable from the Harbour General Store.
    • 2 Magic Essence, obtainable by smashing SUPER|Brie+.
  • Once you have the Shredded Furoma Map Piece, continue hunting in the Mousoleum, using potions as you go.
  • Save about 30 Radioactive Blue Cheese; if you used it all up, go back to the Laboratory for a few potions. Then continue to the next chapter.

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