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Chapter 25: Muridae Market

  • The Muridae Market contains a whole bunch of shoppes for your hunting needs! Unfortunately, they have been damaged by the recent attacks from the Marching Flame.
  • You need to collect building materials from the mice here to rebuild the shoppes. Use a Physical or Tactical trap here (whichever you have that's strongest).
  • Gouda works well here; alternatively, you may use Brie to increase your profit rate (the gold profit rate here is very good; not quite as good as Derr Dunes, but you get a lot more points and level advancement), or Super Brie if you wish to attract the Desert Architect mouse.
  • The heads-up display will track your progress, showing you the amount of building materials you have collected, and the shoppes you have to rebuild.
  • Hovering over the image of the shoppes will show you the amount of resources you require to rebuild them. If you have enough, a "ready" highlight would appear over the shoppe icon, and you can click the "rebuild" button that appears to rebuild the shoppe.
  • You can still visit the shoppes before rebuilding them, to find out what they have to offer, however you will not be able to purchase anything until you have rebuilt the shoppe.
  • The shoppes need not be rebuilt in the order displayed; however, some shoppes require materials you can only get by rebuilding other shoppes first.
  • Here is a summary of each of the shoppes:
    • Cheese Shoppe
      • Resources Required: 30 Limestone Bricks
      • Reward for Rebuilding: 30 Super Brie
      • Once rebuilt, this shoppe will sell you all the buyable varieties of cheese, from Cheddar to Gouda, at the standard, uninflated price. Great for stocking up, without having to return to the Town of Gnawnia or Cape Clawed! You may also sell cheese here, even if you haven't rebuilt the shoppe.
    • General Store
      • Resources Required: 60 Limestone Bricks, 40 Coconut Timber
      • Reward for Rebuilding: 6 Coconut Timber, 4 Shards of Glass
      • Once rebuilt, this shoppe will allow you to trade excess building materials. Additionally, this shoppe is required to process the Shards of Glass you find into Molten Glass.
    • Trapsmith
      • Resources Required: 70 Limestone Bricks, 120 Coconut Timber, 60 Molten Glass
      • Reward for Rebuilding: 30 Flameshards
      • Once rebuilt, this shoppe will sell you two weapons, the Dimensional Chest Trap (a Tactical weapon) and the Sandtail Sentinel (a Physical weapon). These weapons aren't quite as powerful as the ones you could craft in the Fiery Warpath; however, you won't have to collect scarce drops from the Warmonger for them.
        • I would suggest getting the Sandtail Sentinel; it's much more powerful than the Enraged Rhinobot, and getting the Sandstorm Monstrobot is much more difficult than the Sphynx Wrath.
      • It also sells a base, the Papyrus Base. You will have to provide ingredients. It has very high luck, but lacks a power bonus, so it's only really an advantage when paired with a high-luck weapon, especially when hunting in earlier areas with weaker mice.
      • If you wish to acquire it, you need Papyrus and Scrap Metal, both of which are dropped by Blacksmith mice. You need the Artisan Charm (mentioned below) to attract them. Tiny Platinum Bars can be acquired from the Training Grounds general store.
    • Charm Shoppe
      • Resources Required: 160 Limestone Bricks, 100 Coconut Timber, 120 Molten Glass
      • Reward for Rebuilding: 30 Artisan Charms, 10 Lucky Power Charms
      • Once rebuilt, this shoppe will sell Artisan Charms. These are required to attract the Blacksmith Mouse and Mage Weaver Mouse, which drop Papyrus. Papyrus is used to rebuild the Cartographer, and for the Papyrus Base (see the Trapsmith section).
      • This shoppe also sells a few charms that can be helpful in the Fiery Warpath.
        • The Super Warpath Commander's Charm can be helpful if you often forget to unequip the Commander's Charm, or if you might be away, when trying to attract a Commander.
        • The Flamebane Charm is not recommended; 12 Flameshards per encounter, and not being able to use Warpath class charms? No thanks...
        • The Monger Charm is known to increase the charm and orb drop rate of the Warmonger. However, you need 6 Warpath Victories before you may purchase them.
        • Update: Despite initial reports to the contrary, more-rigorous statistics and the developers' statements indicate that the Monger Charm only increases charm and orb drops, not trap part drops.
      • The luck/power charms aren't quite anything to get excited about, considering their price and the fact that they're used on every encounter.
    • Cartographer
      • Resources Required: 30 Limestone Bricks, 20 Coconut Timber, 25 Papyrus
      • Reward for Rebuilding: 100,000 gold
      • Once rebuilt, you may commission the cartographer for a Living Garden Key. This costs 180,000 gold and requires 24 hours to complete.
      • Once you have collected this, you may continue to the next area.
  • Tip: The only mouse here able to steal supplies ("redbox") is the Market Thief mouse. This is a nice change of pace from the previous locations...

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