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Chapter 28: Sunken City

  • To access the Sunken City of Rodentia, you need to be at least a Count or Countess in rank. You also need to purchase the Sunken Souvenir from the Muridae Market cartographer. This will cost you 228,000 gold and 90 Molten Glass.
    • Recall that Molten Glass is obtained from the Muridae Market general store for 800 gold, 1 Shard of Glass, and 1 Flameshard each.
  • The King will grant you the use of a submerging sea shuttle to explore the Sunken City. When you travel there, your shuttle starts out docked.
  • Arm your best Hydro trap, and Gouda or Brie cheese. You will attract mice that drop Oxygen Canisters. For your first trip, you should collect about 100 canisters or so.
  • Once you have enough Oxygen Canisters, you can Dive by clicking the appropriate button on the heads-up display. Note that starting a dive expends 10 Oxygen Canisters.
  • During a dive, each hunt expends 1 Oxygen Canister. Once you run out of canisters or click on the Return button, you will return to the dock.
  • A catch gives you 30 meters of progress, a missed mouse gives you 10 meters of progress, and a failure to attract a mouse gives you no progress. The deeper you go, the greater the rewards!
  • During a dive, you will collect loot such as Barnacles, Mouse Scales, Damaged Coral, and Sand Dollars.
  • There are three "default zones" depending on your depth; the Shallow Shoals below 2,000 meters, the Sea Floor between 2,000 and 10,000 meters, and the Murky Depths beyond 10,000 meters.
  • Within these default zones, you will encounter a random assortment of special zones. Within the special zones, you'll encounter unique mice, and certain types of loot becomes much more common depending on the zone.
Loot type < 2,000
2,000 ~ 10,000
> 10,000
Default (low loot) Shallow Shoals Sea Floor Murky Depths
Barnacles Rocky Outcrop Shipwreck Haunted Shipwreck
Mouse Scales School of Mice Mermouse Den Lost Ruins
Damaged Coral Coral Reef Coral Garden Coral Castle
Treasure (high loot) Sand Dollar Sea Bar Pearl Patch Sunken Treasure
Brined Curd Feeding Grounds Carnivore Cove Monster Trench

Bonus Zone Distance Loot
Oxygen Stream 2,000m ~ 15,000m Oxygen Canister
Deep Oxygen Stream >15,000m Oxygen Canister
Lair of the Ancients >25,000m
Magma Flow >25,000m
  • Barnacles, Mouse Scales, and Damaged Coral are used to buy Fishy Fromage from the Sunken City cheese shoppe.
    • A 2-pack costs 2,000 gold, 3 Barnacles, 3 Mouse Scales, and 3 Damaged Coral Fragments.
    • A 3-pack costs 2,000 gold, 3 Barnacles, 3 Mouse Scales, 3 Damaged Coral Fragments, and 1 Magic Essence.
  • If you have Brined Curd, you can craft the Fishy Fromage yourself; substituting 4 Brined Curds for the gold. Brined Curds can be bought from the Sunken City general store to "round out" your supply; as they cost 500 gold each, the cost is equivalent.
  • Tip: When diving, you can click on your submarine to view the Sonar Periscope, which gives you a somewhat further view than the heads-up-display does.
  • After you accumulate more loot from subsequent dives, you can buy Water Jet Charms from the Sunken City charm shoppe. They cost 3,000 gold, 3 Sand Dollars, and 50 each of Damaged Coral Fragments, Mouse Scales, and Barnacles.
  • When equipped during a dive, Water Jet Charms are consumed upon a catch, and will propel you by 500 meters! This is useful for getting to the deeper zones quickly.
    • To get to the 10,000m zone quickly, you'd thus need 20 Water Jet Charms.
  • You can also equip Empowered Anchor Charms to slow yourself down to 10 meters per catch. This is useful if you're in a loot zone that you're particularly interested in.
    • Empowered Anchor Charms can be crafted with: 1 Flawless Orb + 1 Scrap Metal + 40 Charmbits.
  • Got too many of one of Barnacles, Mouse Scales, or Damaged Coral Fragments but not enough of the others? There are lunch packs in the General Store to help you out. Each pack costs 3,000 gold, 1 Sand Dollar, and 90 "X", which will provide you with 21~24 each of "Y" and "Z" when opened.
  • Your ultimate goal in this region is to get the Rune Shark Trap and the School of Sharks upgrade from the Sunken City trapsmith, which are very powerful Hydro traps.
    • The Rune Shark Trap costs 18 million gold, 800 Sand Dollars, 30 Runes, and 100 each of Barnacles, Mouse Scales, and Damaged Coral Fragments. You need 290 million points to equip it.
    • The School of Sharks costs a Rune Shark Trap, 11 million gold, 800 Sand Dollars, 3 Predatory Processors, 60 Runes, and 200 each of Barnacles, Mouse Scales, and Damaged Coral Fragments. You need 450 million points to equip it.
    • Predatory Processors are rare loot that can only be found in the Monster Trench (past 10,000m) and Lair of the Ancients (past 25,000m) zones. They can also be bought from the Sunken City general store, but they aren't cheap, costing 90,000 gold and 525 Sand Dollars each.
    • Also available is the Tidal Base, which is a powerful upgrade to the Aqua Base (not much different statistically compared to the Rift Base though), and various marine-themed skins.

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