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Event Appendix: Ronza Returns - January 2011

  • On January 12, the Ronza's Travelling Shoppe location was opened.
  • Unlike previous visits, point requirements no longer prevent you from buying a trap component; however, you can only arm a trap component if you meet its point requirement.

New Trap Components

  • Over there, many new, limited-edition traps are available. The verdicts are subjective "first-judgments"; and of course should be ignored if you're buying the traps merely for collection:
    • Weapons

      • Pneumatic Tube Trap
        • Price: 370,000; Points Needed: 91,000
        • Power: 2300/Physical
        • Power bonus: 20%
        • Attraction bonus: 5%
        • Luck: 18
        • Cheese effect: No Effect
        • Verdict: Mediocre: Slightly better than the NVMRC Forcefield Trap, but rather pricey for its level.
      • Rewers Riposte
        • Price: 605,000; Points Needed: 108,900
        • Power: 2900/Tactical
        • Power bonus: 15%
        • Attraction bonus: 5%
        • Luck: 25
        • Cheese effect: Fresh
        • Verdict: Recommended: Get it if you can afford it; its extremely high luck makes it comparable to even the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap!
      • Arcane Blast Trap
        • Price: 1,470,000; Points Needed: 900,000
        • Power: 3400/Arcane
        • Power bonus: 8%
        • Attraction bonus: 0%
        • Luck: 20
        • Cheese effect: Insanely Fresh
        • Verdict: Not Recommended: Extremely pricey; you're probably better off saving the gold and using the ACRONYM.
    • Bases

      • Bacon Base
        • Price: 70,000; Points Needed: 60,000
        • Power: 200
        • Power bonus: 0%
        • Attraction bonus: 15%
        • Luck: 0
        • Cheese effect: Extremely Fresh
        • Verdict: Mediocre: Its lack of power bonus or luck is a significant downside.
      • Seasonal Base
        • Price: 412,000; Points Needed: 214,380
        • Power: 300
        • Power bonus: 0%
        • Attraction bonus: 8%
        • Luck: 6
        • Cheese effect: No Effect/li>
        • Special effect: +18% Power Bonus if hunting in the Seasonal Garden
        • Verdict: Average: Useful if hunting in the Seasonal Garden; not so useful elsewhere. The Spellbook Base, if you have it, provides more power.
      • Runic Base
        • Price: 580,785; Points Needed: 264,400
        • Power: 200
        • Power bonus: 12%
        • Attraction bonus: 10%
        • Luck: 5
        • Cheese effect: No Effect
        • Special effect: Increased Rune drops in the Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm
        • Verdict: Average: The special effect is useful and not found anywhere else, but it's rather pricey; only get it if you have gold to spare.
      • Tiki Base (crafted)
        • Acquire a Tiki Base Blueprints (170,000 gold) from Ronza's general store. Smash a Tribal Base to acquire 3 Tribal Timber.
        • Craft: 1 Tiki Base Blueprints + 3 Tribal Timber = Tiki Base
        • Power: 200
        • Power bonus: 18%
        • Attraction bonus: 5%
        • Luck: 0
        • Cheese effect: Very Fresh
        • Special effect: +6 Luck in the Elub Shore, Nerg Plains, and Derr Dunes
        • Verdict: Recommended: Useful if you don't have the Molten Shrapnel or Spellbook Base; this is an improvement to the Tribal Base, even if you're not hunting in the specified locations.


  • You can also redeem your Ronza Voucher for a Crate of Ultimate Luck Charms. When opened, this provides 20 Ultimate Luck Charms.
  • Charms are a new trap component. They give bonuses to your trap, but are consumed upon every encounter with a mouse.
  • To use them you need to buy a Pine Charm Conduit (3,000 gold) from the newly opened Charm Shoppe in the Mountains. There you'll also find a few types of Charms that you can purchase.

Rockstar Mice

  • Rockstar mice can be found aboard Ronza's ship. To attract them, you need Rockforth cheese, dropped by the other types of mice aboard.
  • An Arcane or Shadow trap is recommended to catch the types of mice that drop Rockforth cheese; if you don't have one of those, a Physical trap will suffice.
  • Rockstar mice, and various other mice on Ronza's ship, may drop charms; these do not differ from the charms available from the Charm Shoppe.

Shrink Ray Trap

  • Newer hunters with King's Credits left over from the Great Winter Hunt will be pleased to know that there is a new trap that can be purchased from the Prize Shoppe: the Shrink Ray Trap. You can also acquire it by donating $1.00 in cash using the "donate" button:
    • Price: 45 King's Credits or $1.00; Points Required: 0
    • Power: 1000/Physical
    • Power bonus: 5%
    • Attraction bonus: 2%
    • Luck: 8
    • Cheese effect: Fresh
    • Verdict: Useful for newer hunters; you can skip all weapons up to and including the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, and just save up for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap.

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